CMD Water Drop, Concentrated Mineral Drops, Alkaline Water


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Key Benefits

  • Makes Your Water Alkaline, Micro-Clustered, Rich in Antioxidants and Mineralized.
  • Maintain Your Body Ph and Orp Levels.
  • Allows Your Body to Fight Infections Within.
  • Make Your Drinking Water Drinkable. 
  • Helps Keep Body Alkalized
  • Increases Endurance
  • Superior Hydration
  • Maintains Ph Balance
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Restores Natural Minerals
  • It Boosts Metabolism
Active Ingredients 

Yava Kshara, Swarjika Kshara, Apmarga Kshara, Potassium Oxide, Vitamin D3, Himalayan Pink Salt, Potassium Oxide, Calcium Gluconate 

Net Content: 40 ML
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Teamex Concentrated Mineral Drops

Do you want to turn your drinking water into a Drinkable beverage that is good for your health? TEAMEX Drop, Concentrated Mineral Drops is more than just drops of water; it is a full water solution that improves your health. Alkalinization, vitamins, micro-clustering, and minerals are the four most important parts of healthy water. All of these good things are packed into these drops, which add healthful qualities to your water. With TEAMEX CMD Drops, it’s easy to keep your body’s pH level above 8 and stick to the recommended ORP levels, which is what doctors suggest. TEAMEX CMD Drops are made from natural ingredients and open the door to a world of whole-body health and inner energy.

Key Benefits:

  • Makes Your Water Alkaline: Transform your drinking water into an alkaline powerhouse, aiding in maintaining a balanced pH within your body.
  • Micro-Clustered and Rich in Antioxidants: TEAMEX CMD Drops facilitate water micro-clustering, enhancing absorption, while infusing antioxidants for optimal well-being.
  • Mineralized Water: Enjoy water that’s naturally enriched with essential minerals, contributing to your body’s vitality.
  • Maintain Your Body pH and ORP Levels: Regulate your body’s pH and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) levels for a healthier internal environment.
  • Boost Immune Response: Empower your body to combat infections by nurturing a robust immune response.
  • Enhance Drinkability: Transform ordinary water into a health-boosting elixir, promoting hydration and overall wellness.
  • Preventive Health: Embrace a proactive approach to well-being by incorporating TEAMEX CMD Drops to support your body’s defenses before illnesses arise.

Directions for Use:

Start your journey to enhanced health with these simple steps:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Mix three drops with a glass of water (200 ml).
  3. Consume this rejuvenating concoction five times a day.


Q: Can TEAMEX CMD Drops replace my regular water intake?
A: TEAMEX CMD Drops are designed to enhance your regular drinking water. They can be a beneficial addition to your hydration routine.

Q: How does micro-clustering in water benefit health?
A: Micro-clustering promotes better water absorption at the cellular level, potentially leading to improved hydration and nutrient delivery.

Q: Can TEAMEX CMD Drops be used by people of all ages?
A: TEAMEX CMD Drops are suitable for adults seeking enhanced hydration and well-being. Consult a healthcare professional for specific age recommendations.

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