Kamdudha Ras Tablet for Acidity, Constipation and Gas



Key Benefits:

  • Helps to remove extra acid from the stomach.
  • Helps toremove the sour taste from your mouth.
  • Helps to improves and supports the digestive system
  • helps in takes away the feeling of heaviness or bloating
  • Sugar free
  • Chemical free
Active Ingredients:

Giloy Satva, Sona Geru, Abhrak bhasm

Net Content: 60 tablets
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The Kamdudha Ras Tablet from Ayurland are made to help with acidity, which can lead to a better digestive system. These pills help digestion by reducing problems like constipation, gas, and bloating. They are made with high-quality ingredients like Giloy Satva, Sona Geru, a key ingredient, has qualities that make it astringent and cool, Also, Kamdudha Ras Tablets can help people with hyperacidity, gastritis, and irritable bowel syndrome feel better. They work well to get rid of the sour taste in the mouth, get rid of the feeling of being full, and improve digestion as a whole. 

Kamdudha ras tablet Ingredients

Giloy Satva : Giloy stem can improve digestion by reducing constipation, acidity, gas, and bloating
Sona Geru : It has the properties of astringent & cooling. It helps with bleeding problems, ulcers, urticaria & vomiting
Abhrak bhasm : It is used to treat and manage a wide range of medical conditions, including stomach ailments

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