Triphala Tablets – Tridosha Balancer, 60 Tabs



Triphala Tablets Benefits
  • Helps in Blood Purifier
  • Helps in Cholesterol Control
  • Helps in Wight Loss
  • Helps in Increase White Blood Cells
  • Helps in Diabetes     
Active Ingredients:

Harde, Baheda, Amla 

Net Content: 60 Tabs


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Triphala Tablets is a traditional mixture of three powerful herbs: “Harde,” “Baheda,” and “Amla,” which together are called the tridoshic Rasayan. It is known for bringing the body’s three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—into balance. Triphala tablets boosts the defense system because it is full of vitamin C. Each plant in the Triphala tablet has its own health benefits, which work together to create a synergistic effect. Its detoxifying abilities clean the body from the inside out. This is especially helpful for promoting overall well-being.

Triphala Tablets Benefits

Triple Ingredients: Harde, Baheda, and Amla synergize to deliver exceptional health benefits. They combine to cleanse, rejuvenate, and revitalize your body.
Nature’s Antioxidant Richness: With an abundance of vitamin C, Triphala Tablets is an immunity-enhancing marvel. Its antioxidant properties benefit eye health while imparting shine to hair and skin.
Dosha Harmonizer: Seamlessly balance your Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. Alleviate common ailments and enjoy improved metabolism and fat-burning capacity.
Beyond Wellness – Therapeutic Benefits: Enhance your overall health with this esteemed tridoshic Rasayan blend.
Immunity Boost: Enriched with vitamin C, these tablets not only strengthen immunity but also protect against ailments.
Purifying Detox: Revel in the detoxifying properties that ensure cellular rejuvenation.
Versatile Health Benefits: Assist in overall wellness, blood purification, cholesterol control, weight management, and more.
Radiant Beauty: Experience enhanced eye health, radiant skin, and reduced hair fall.
Cardiovascular Support: Maintain optimal blood pressure for a healthy heart.

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